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Industry’s Most Advanced Technology & Processing Methods

What began with a small receiving and packaging plant in 1914 is now the largest nut processing plant in the world, covering 33 city blocks on 90 acres. In addition to the Sacramento facility, Blue Diamond® Growers operate a smaller processing plant in Salida, California and several receiving stations that gather grower’s nuts together for shipping to the Sacramento and Salida processing plants. 

Photo of Blue Diamond scientist in lab.
Over 2,000 product tests are conducted a year to assure customers to the safest, cleanest, freshest almond shipments.

While people were growing and hand shelling almonds for hundreds of years before Blue Diamond, little technology existed for commercially processing almonds when the cooperative formed in 1910. The savvy growers understood that their future was tied closely to finding the best, most efficient systems to create the quality, flavor and cleanliness they demanded of products bearing the Blue Diamond Almonds logo. From its earliest days, the cooperative invested in developing the processing equipment it needed and could not find elsewhere. Today millions of pounds pass through the plant each year, going through a series of processes, including several that use equipment invented and patented by the cooperative.