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Our Growers

From Their Families to Yours

Our more than 3,000 growers range from first- to fourth-generation almond-growing families. Their orchards can be found as far north as Red Bluff and all the way down to the base of the Tehachapi Mountains. Blue Diamond Grower, Curt Green's grandson Mason.Some are less than 10 acres, while the largest covers several thousand acres. They are young and old, men and women, and of many nationalities. 

As different as they are, they share a dedication to maintaining the highest standards of responsible growing and production. They are careful stewards of the land that supports them; land that many will pass down to children who will carry on the almond growing tradition. And like all family farmers, they work hard every day to deliver their best to your family. 


Meet some of the growers whose almonds you enjoy—often, we hope!