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Better Blood Sugar Control

The Center for Disease Control estimates that some 23.7 million Americans have diabetes and another 54 million Americans have a condition known as metabolic syndrome or “pre-diabetes.”

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are conditions where sugar, or glucose, levels in the blood begin to increase. The American Diabetes Association defines a normal fasting blood sugar as less than 100 mg%. Those with a fasting blood glucose level of greater than 126 mg% are suspected of having diabetes and those with a fasting blood sugar between 100 to 126mg% as pre-diabetic or insulin resistant.

Insulin is a hormone that helps the body pull glucose into the muscle cells. Insulin resistance or pre-diabetes is a condition where insulin is not working properly and glucose begins to accumulate in the blood. One out of four American adults currently has insulin resistance or pre-diabetes.  The good news is that some sixty percent of these individuals can stop the onset of diabetes with a healthy diet and increased activity levels.

Diets with controlled amounts of complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are ideal for those with insulin resistance. Finding wholesome snacks that help to regulate blood sugar levels can often times create a challenge for those who are keeping a watchful eye on their diet.  These folks will be happy to discover that Blue Diamond offers products that are not only taste delicious, but can also help them manage their blood sugar levels as well.

A handful of our Whole Natural Almonds contain a skinny five grams of carbohydrate per ounce. This is one of the reasons why their “glycemic index” is a lowly 24.5. Researchers use the glycemic index to rate how quickly the carbohydrates in foods convert into blood sugar. Those foods with a rating of 55 or less are considered low because their carbohydrates trickle slowly into the blood stream.  The slower their rate of entry into the blood stream, the lower their effect upon blood sugar levels and the easier they are for the body to process.

Our delicious Unsweetened Vanilla and Original Almond Breeze has one half the calories and one-sixth carbohydrates of non-fat milk. Its glycemic index is only 23.5, making it a perfect solution for those looking to control their blood sugar after meals. Either as a beverage, a topping for cereal, or as an ingredient in recipes, Unsweetened Almond Breeze has you covered for both better health and great taste!