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Weight Maintenance

It may be contrary to our thinking that a handful of almonds that gets about 125 of its 160 calories from fat could be good for controlling weight.  But research suggests almonds may help you lose weight.  The reason could be as simple as the fact that your body needs fat to function properly, which is why low-fat diets can lead to cravings for high-fat foods and result in high-calorie binges. Also, because fat satiates hunger, low-fat diets often leave you feeling hungry so that you may actually consume more calories, which your body stores as fat.
Researchers believe that almonds provide the right balance of protein, fat and fiber to make you feel full and satisfied, reducing your desire to eat more.  In a Purdue University study, participants who ate a daily 344-calorie serving of almonds did not gain weight.  Apparently, they naturally compensated for the almond calories by reducing their intake of other foods throughout the day.

There’s a great deal more research being done on the fascinating connection between almonds and weight management, but it seems fair to say that if you replace the amount of saturated fats you eat with the monounsaturated fat found in almonds, you won’t gain weight and the change may help you lose it.

You can read more about the connection between almonds and weight management, including specific study citations, in the Nutrition Benefits section at www.AlmondsAreIn.com.  View additional references on almonds as a satisfying snack by clicking here.