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Nut Thins® FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions about our Nut Thins® products. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please send it to us using our Contact form and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

Back to Top How should I store Nut-Thins®?

Our Nut-thins® are packaged in air tight containers to preserve freshness.  Once the packages are opened the crackers should be consumed within one to two weeks.  Protect the crackers against absorption of moisture and odor.

Back to Top Are Nut-Thins® wheat and gluten free?

The ingredients used in Nut Thins® do not contain gluten.  Nut-Thins® are processed in a facility that is certified by the “Gluten Free Certification Organization”.  In addition Blue Diamond has every production lot of Nut Thins tested and certified for gluten.

Back to Top Do Nut-Thins® contain white or brown rice?

Non allergenic, gluten free, white rice is used in the making of Nut-Thin® crackers.

Back to Top Is the butter flavor used in Nut-Thins® from real butter?

The butter flavor is derived from dairy milk.

Back to Top Are any of the ingredients used in Nut-Thins® derived from corn?

Some of the ingredients used in the seasonings and flavors are derived from corn.

Back to Top Are the inner foils bags recyclable?

The inner bag is made up of layers of plastic and aluminum foil and is not recyclable.

Back to Top Are Nut-Thins in direct contact with the aluminum in the inner bag?

The inner bag aluminum is sandwiched between layers of plastic.  Nut-Thins® are in contact with food grade plastic film.