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Our Recipes

Featured Recipes

We teamed up with Chef Max Hardy to create delicious recipes so you can eat like an athlete & up your Game Day snacking.


Start the day right by eating a nutritional packed meal made with Blue Diamond Almonds.

Snacks & Appetizers

Crunchy and flavorful, Blue Diamond Almonds work well in everything from on-the-go snacks to elegant hors d'oeuvres.

Soups, Salads & Dressings

The protein and minerals in Blue Diamond Almonds make them ideal for boosting nutritional value and flavor.

Side Dishes

A side dish made with Blue Diamond Almonds increases the nutrition—and flavor—of any meal.


Blue Diamond Almonds make a perfect ingredient for everyday meals.

Sweets & Desserts

Blue Diamond Almonds are the ideal ingredient to take your cookies, cakes, and other treats up a notch in texture and flavor.


Hot or cold, you’ll end up with a delicious drink when you start with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze®.