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Blue Diamond’s Honey Products

For as long as bees have been building hives, people have been drawn to the taste of honey. Who can blame them? Honey offers a subtle sweetness that can satisfy any craving. Honey is the perfect flavor enhancer for consumers who want natural products but want them to taste like indulgent foods. Blue Diamond offers a full line of honey-flavored products from Snack Almonds and Nut Thins to Almond Breeze® Almondmilk.

Honey Roasted 6oz Can

Snack Almonds

Honey Roasted

Honey Roasted Vanilla

Honey Roasted Cinnamon

Honey Roasted Chipotle

  • Developed with Blue Diamond’s unique honey roast process
  • 5 grams of protein per serving (1 oz./about 28 nuts)
  • Available in 6 oz. cans
Honey Nut Thins

Nut Thins

Honey Cinnamon

Honey Mustard

  • Delicious flavor combinations of almonds and honey
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Perfect for snacking
  • Available in 4.25 oz. boxes

Hint of Honey and Hint of Honey Vanilla

Almond Breeze Almondmilk

Hint of Honey

Hint of Honey Vanilla

  • Rich & creamy taste
  • 45% DV Calcium
  • 25% DV Vitamin D
  • 50% DV Vitamin E
  • Available in 64 oz. refrigerated and 32 oz. shelf stable

Bee Cause We Care

Honey bees pollinate our almond trees and one-third of the world’s food supply. Almonds are the only crop that is 100% dependent on honey bees for the pollination of its crops and every spring more than a million colonies of honey bees are placed in California almond orchards to pollinate the crop.

Since 1976, Blue Diamond has helped fund research in more than 70 projects focused on the health of bees, pollination and colony health. This is the largest, most sustained investment of any agricultural organization. Through this effort Blue Diamond has partnered with beekeepers and research institutions to find new ways to support honey bee health by addressing issues of nutrition, stock improvement, pest and disease management and the impact of pesticides.

Blue Diamond remains committed to investing in bee health research and instituting industry-leading practices to ensure healthier bee colonies. Blue Diamond recently donated an additional $100,000 to Project Apis m., a non-profit 501 (c) (5) organization whose mission is to direct research that will enhance the health of honey bees while improving crop production.

Project Apis m. is committed to providing growers with healthier bees resulting in better pollination and increased crop yields. Blue Diamond believes in their mission of pursuing science-based solutions to honey bee challenges.

Honey Badge

Beyond research, Blue Diamond is also taking the following steps to help honey bee health:

  • Avoiding monoculture through the planting of diverse ground cover to improve honey bee nutrition and foraging
  • Minimizing exposure of bees and pollen to fungicides
  • Investigating management techniques for eradication of varroa mites and other bee pests
  • Strengthening and improving bee stocks and breeding programs

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